Ahart Solutions International was established in 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are a global consortium consisting of more than 50 companies operating in the fields of healthcare, energy, construction and security.

Our best-in-class international consortium members have been carefully vetted, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of services. These include: 

  • Increasing the number of medical facilities to stem and reverse the flow of medical tourism; 
  • Providing energy solutions to address shortages in power generation and energy-related infrastructure; 
  • Constructing environmentally-friendly buildings using steel and a patented panel technology to ensure structural integrity and an all-encompassing, substantial, sustainable and Green SolutionsĀ® footprint; and
  • Implementing the latest in state-of-art systems for all facets of security, such as cyber, personal, home, and biometric security. (Our consortium member was the lead security provider for the 2012 London Olympics).

In all four pillars of Ahart Solutions International, we are engaged in providing a complete turnkey solution through a bespoke value chain from conception of a project to completion and beyond.