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ASI Delivers Energy Solutions and state-of-the-art facilities to the global market. We believe Natural Gas is the future of energy.

ASI has developed expertise in:

Building ‘Virtual Pipelines’ for LNG

Liquefaction, Storage and Distribution Solutions

‘Plug-and-Play’ Solutions that are cost-effective and fast to deliver

Mobile Gas Stations for quickly ramping up a gas station network.

ApcotaneTM from our partners, Apollo Petroleum, removes the high content of Sulfur through a revolutionary process and makes oil more valuable. Unlike any other product, ApcotaneTM irreversibly scavenges H2S out of both vapor and liquid phases and contains a descaling component to prevent solids from settling. In a separate application for deep desulfurization of oil, ApcotaneTM treats H2S and mercaptans to form elemental sulfur that settles out to the bottom of a storage tank or cavern.

Future-ready Plug-and-Play Solutions that meet your regional and national energy needs.

For more information, please contact: info@ahartsi.com