We believe that natural gas is the future of energy - so we have developed our expertise in building “virtual pipelines” for LNG on the one hand - and liquefaction, storage and distribution on the other. Whether it is flared gas or pipeline quality gas, we can deliver the required application. 

  • Our ability to provide a complete construction solution extends to services - which is made possible by our relationship with W & A Africa and their relationship with Loccoz AMA. The implementation of the Loccoz LPG Turbine driven system within our structures delivers off-grid power, purified water (any water source required), hot water, hot and cold air and an intelligent water management service. This is complimented by an integrated black and gray waste management system. This Loccoz system-integrated capability drastically reduces the traditional costs associated with bulk services particularly with regard to power cables and sewerage lines. 
  • Our technology portfolio also includes our mobile gas stations which is a packaged turnkey solution for quickly ramping up a gas station network. Market trends show that gas stations are becoming multi-transactional sites, so fuel sales are not enough. The new model includes a convenience store, food & beverage outlet, car wash, tire and lube bay. It’s more about selling hot drinks and sandwiches versus fuel. 
  • Our network of partners allows us to access natural gas offtakers predominately in the Asian market. Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Mozambique, and Tanzania all have natural gas reserves. The issue is monetization for local consumption. 
  • Regardless of the markets in which we are currently operating, Ahart Solutions International has the capabilities to meet clients’ specific needs wherever they are located.


Containerized Mobile Refueling Stations - ‘Fueling Your Business’ 

  • ‘Plug-and-Play’ design 
  • UL 142 approved for flammable liquids
  • Double-wall tank construction 
  • Available in 20 ft and 40 ft units 
  • Fully integrated to reduce installation and commissioning cost
  • Built-in overfill prevention and leakage detection 

ApcotaneTM from Apollo Petroleum - H2S Abatement System for Oil, Gas and Water ‘Making oil even more valuable’

  • Patent pending Bi-Soluble liquid chemical that when added to the production stream mitigates H2S in oil and natural gas and also irreversible in oil and gas.
  • Not like scavengers or other products on the market that would only mask the problem.
  • Third party SGS certificate of analysis from well head to refinery to final product.
  • ApcotaneTM allows all particles to remain in solution leaving no residue. This eliminates the need for filters and any other processes.
  • Proven at the well head, in the truck, in gathering systems, tank farms, pipelines and refineries. Example: ApcotaneTM added when truck is loaded with oil from the field tank, the oil had 40,000 PPM of H2S when loaded. It then took only 6 minutes to reduce 40,000 PPM to 0 PPM when offloaded.
  • Cost effective.
  • Eliminates gas doc fees.
  • Eliminates gas tower rentals and quarterly tower cleaning.

Please scroll down for the ApcotaneTM demonstration film.


Modular Infrastructure for Oil and Gas - Building the Future

  • Lightweight panels and steel beams
  • 3.5 hrs fire rating 
  • Applications - forecourt infrastructure, mining and oilfield camps 
  • Building rate at 30 m2 per day
  • No heavy lifting equipment required

Small Scale LNG - For a Cleaner Tomorrow

  • Nano LNG - ideal for monetizing flared or stranded gas from 1 mmscf per day 
  • Micro LNG - ideal for liquefying pipeline quality gas from 100,000 gallons per day
  • Modular technology - cost effective and easy to install 

Virtual Pipelines for LNG/CNG - Making Energy Accessible

  • Effectively leverage the logistics network 
  • Service areas without physical pipelines 
  • Use intermodal tanks 
  • Replace diesel and ‘dirty fuels’
  • Stimulate expansion of industrialization
  • Facilitate cleaner energy for power production and transportation 
  • Techno-Economic Studies - From Concept to Reality
  • Energy focused
  • Bankable studies
  • Assistance with funding

Energy Trading Advisory Services - Connecting Buyers and Sellers

  • Future trends in energy
  • Factors driving energy prices
  • Manage supply and demand
  • Facilitate buyers and sellers

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