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Our consortium member, CSDG uses unique International “Secure by Design” Standards to underpin all its work.

We have developed a unique master security planning methodology which works with architects to build into the overall design all aspects of safety, security and crisis response measures. The methodology takes into consideration all the risks and provides an integrated footprint to deal with physical security, technical security, information security, human security and creates an integrated command and control environment. 

  • This integrated approach achieves substantial cost savings when measured against traditional “silo based” and “retro-fit” methods. 
  • CSDG will be able to project-manage the project choosing the most cost effective equipment, technologies (including CCTV, Biometrics, Eye-scan, etc.) and help to build human capital, by employing, training and developing local people in the areas of security technologies and personnel.
  • In many of the larger projects, security and safety are not normally included from the ground up and therefore not synergistic with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). CSDG has experience in developing comprehensive SOPs using best international practices and meeting the local security regulations. We assist in documenting and implementing these procedures that include business continuity and emergency preparedness by working closely with government, law enforcement agencies and disaster relief organizations.
  • In conjunction with federal and local law enforcement, we can provide due diligence, background checks and investigations on all aspects of any project. 


CSDG is now in its second year as an accredited service provider for the renowned Altius scheme. Altius provides a range of services that are designed to minimize the likelihood that your supply chain will put you at risk, increase your costs or waste your time.

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For your construction and related project’s security needs, we can offer the following:

  • Consultancy for designing master security & safety planning (particularly useful to develop when the architectural drawings are available) 
  • Active support to choose the right and cost-effective physical security solutions, entry systems (up to biometric level), CCTV, Control Room, Alarms, fire and safety equipment. 
  • Project managers and specialist engineers to assist with installation and preparation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Selection and training of private security
  • Ongoing operational support including investigations.  

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  • International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)
  • International Professional Security Association (IPSA)
  • National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS)
  • ASIS International UK Chapter
  • National Business Crime Solution (NBCS)

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