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Our consortium partners' manufacturing plant situated outside Shanghai, China has been responsible for supplying more than 250 projects over a 26-year period. This has ranged from affordable housing to multi-floor structures.

  • Their partnerships with a wide array of global companies allow us to address any and all structural, architectural aesthetic requirements that our clients may desire.
  • Our strategic objective is that of a turnkey complete supplier of all construction requirements while still remaining very competitive. The Green Solutions® building technology due to its pre-engineered, modular and bespoke capabilities inherently delivers a quicker construction build time while maintaining and improving the structural integrity of completed structures due to its steel frame and patented panel design. As our building solution is 95% recyclable, our resulting environmental footprint is unique in the construction industry. 
  • Our ability to provide a complete construction solution extends to services - which is made possible by our relationship with W & A Africa . The implementation of the LPG Turbine driven system within our structures delivers off-grid power, purified water (any water source required), hot water, hot and cold air and an intelligent water management service. This is complimented by an integrated black and gray waste management system. This system-integrated capability drastically reduces the traditional costs associated with bulk services particularly with regard to power cables and sewerage lines. 
  • This capability has allowed for huge competitive advantages to be achieved in large project rollouts where traditional bulk services have always had a large cost contributing factor in the projects’ timelines and ultimate project feasibility.
  • Due to the overall competitiveness, structural integrity, integration and adaptation to scale, WAA is extremely confident that the Green Solutions® building technology is a perfect fit for the World market.
  • Our bespoke industry models allow for competitive alternative and integrated structural solutions to deliver a sustainable advantage for our clients.

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  • Design & Architecture 
  • Bulk Services (Partnership with Local contracting entities) 
  • Logistics 
  • Green Solutions® Supply 
  • Security 
  • Facilitation Management 
  • Construction 
  • Project Management 
  • Sourcing, supply & installation of all Structure internal product requirements 
  • FF& E Design and supply 
  • Structure Facades 
  • Sourcing supply & installation of the Green Integrated Loccoz Power and Utilities Services System 
  • Sourcing, supply & installation of appliances

The ability of our integration model to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage is due to the existence of partnerships with selected companies that allow a complete scope of delivery capability to be continually achieved.

Green Solutions® Technology Market Sectors:

  • Residential (Free standing House/ High Rise Apartments/ Luxury Villas) 
  • Hospitality (Hotels) 
  • Retail (Showrooms/ Shopping Centers/ Malls) 
  • Industrial (Factories/ Warehousing/ Processing Plants) 
  • Hospitals/ Universities/Schools 
  • Office Blocks (High Rise) 
  • Facilitation Management (Workers’ Accomodation) 
  • Other revenue-generating applications: Hydroponic farming (poultry, fish and organic vegetables) 

For more information, please contact Haley Ahart Keiffer: